Addressing Military on Envelopes

I was recently asked advice on how to properly address Military Officers. Embarrassingly enough, I didn't feel knowledgeable enough to advise my client on Military etiquette and wanted to look into it a little further. I've never met a challenge I didn't love so I did the research and came up with a short guide on addressing an Officer on invitation envelopes.

In which the man is an Officer / Retired Officer

Captain and Mrs. John Smith

Only the Woman is an Officer

Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson


Captain Julie Anderson,
U.S. Air Force
and Mr. John Anderson

Both are Officers of the same rank

Colonel and Mrs. John Smith


The Colonels Smith

Both are officers of different ranks

Captain Christina Nolan,
U.S. Army
and Colonel John Nolan,
U.S. Army

On Three Word to the wise: If a woman outranks her husband, she should be listed first on the envelope

Single Female Officer

Captain Allison Jones,
U.S. Army


Happy addressing!