Advice from The Bride

When planning your own wedding, you're sure to receive lots of unsolicited (and sometimes unwanted) advice from family and friends. It's hard to filter through what's genuine concern for your well being as a bride-to-be and which advice is coming from a less-than-genuine place. We've decided to start a new series on the blog called "advice from the bride". Real brides, real advice from women who have been there.

From bride, Alexis Zygmund:

"Relax, take a deep breath and keep a sense of humor!"

1. You can negotiate your contracts with vendors! So many of my friends didn't pay close attention to what vendors and venues were sending over for them to sign and it ended up costing them in the end. There are a number of different variables that could effect other vendors you have already signed with or want to so make sure to push back on concerns or questions you have because the worst they can do is say no! 

"Schedule in padded time for getting ready!"

2. Schedule in padded time for getting ready! No matter how organized or efficient you may be with your time on any given day you will always underestimate how much time it actually takes for you and all of your girls to get ready and out the door on your wedding day! I scheduled our morning out to the last second and we STILL showed up to my ceremony 10 minutes late!! Whoops! 

3. Relax, take a deep breath and keep a sense of humor! There WILL be something that doesn't go exactly as you planned and it will be okay. I promise. Enjoy your day and just know you'll be laughing about those little details going awry. In the end, you ended up marrying the guy of your dreams. Sounds like a pretty good trade off to me.