How to hand cancel your invitations

One of my suggestions to my brides is to make sure your finalized invitations are hand cancelled at the post office. Many reactions are to ask "why" or "how do I go about doing this"? Never fear, asking your local post office to hand cancel is no big deal. Here's our handy tip guide on making sure your invitations look as gorgeous as the day the left your hands.

Double Check Your Postage

This first step seems unnecessary to mention but trust me when I said that it's the most important. If your invitations do not have enough postage, you may end up with a handful of returned invitations! To avoid this disaster, take a fully packaged invitation to your local post office and have them weigh your invitation and quote postage. If you're nervous about the postage, it couldn't hurt to add an extra few cents to guarantee that you will not be short!

Organize your addresses

Check and double check that your addresses are all correct before you add them to your envelopes. I can not stress this enough! More often than not, incorrect addresses aren't caught until after they are written or once an invitation is returned. Once you are 100% sure that your addresses are correct and have been added to your envelopes, check them again to make sure that each guest has an invitation. Be sure to hold any international addresses aside as the cost to mail those will be different than domestic!

Check with your Post Office

Talk to your local post office about their policies on hand canceling. Some may charge while others may tell you the first 50 or so are free. It may sound odd, but you may get different answers from different people. My suggestion: if you don't like the answer you get first, try again at a different time/location or with a different person. You may be surprised by the varying answers. 

One last tip, if your local post office tells you that they no longer offer it. Well, this is most certainly not true. Try calling another location and you may just get a different answer.

Hand them off!

Now that you are completely organized and have the proper postage all you need to do is drop them off! Don't forget to tell the postal worker that you want them hand cancelled!

Happy addressing!