So You Want to Hire a Calligrapher

From wedding invitations to favor tags, invitation envelopes to escort cards, handwritten calligraphy will give your wedding paper goods an extra touch of luxe that is unique and elegant. Here's the guide to hiring a calligrapher with the right look and style.

What Should be Handwritten?

The most traditional use of calligraphy is on the inner and outer envelopes of your wedding invitation suite. However, there are so many uses for calligraphy that are becoming more and more popular. Try using handwritten calligraphy on your menus, escort cards, or programs. While calligraphy isn't usually used on an entire invitation (as it may be difficult to read), spot calligraphy, which highlights important information like your names or the ceremony location, is an incredibly easy way to incorporate some calligraphy into your invitation suite. For a DIY option, try a hand written calligraphy return address stamp that you can use as your return address on the outer envelope and the front of the RSVP envelope. On Three offers custom calligraphy stamps for $50.00.

Printed Calligraphy Fonts vs Handwriting

Traditionally, handwritten calligraphy is a must on inner and outer invitation envelopes. Of course, there are fonts out there that look like the real thing. While this can be a very budget friendly option, there is nothing like the texture and warmth of a hand written envelope.

The Investment

Calligraphy is a time consuming practice and the price is designed to reflect that time. Pricing will range from calligrapher to calligrapher and can vary based on special materials (like metallic or watercolor inks) , turn around time, or papers that might be more difficult to work with. On Three's calligraphy pricing starts as low as $1.00 each for escort cards. For a pricing sheet, contact Alicia today!

Photo by Clary Photo

Photo by Clary Photo

How Long Does It Take?

On Three asks for a two week turn around time to complete the calligraphy work. This may vary depending on the size of the job and type of project. Don't leave hiring your calligrapher to the end of your planning process. Like a great venue, good calligraphers book up fast, so be sure to hire yours early to avoid pesky rush fees!

Why Hire On Three?

Choosing a calligrapher is just as important a decision as any other in the wedding planning process. You want to make sure that the person you are working with has a style that will mesh well with the overall theme and feel of your wedding. On Three offers a few different writing styles that can range from very casual to more formal. Each writing style is a modern take on traditional calligraphy which will give your paper goods a fresh, contemporary feel.

Contact me today for more info on On Three's Calligraphy Services!