What do custom invitations cost?

Every invitation that we create for our clients at On Three Designs is custom. Every piece of paper, ribbon, artwork and details are hand picked or custom created for you. With that being said, invitation costs can vary drastically. On average, most of our couples spend about $2,500-$3,500 or more on their wedding stationery.

How long is the design and production process, from start to finish?

If we’re working on a standard timeline, from the day you submit your wording, until the day you have your invitation in your hands, turn around take about 9-10 weeks. Seems long, right? To make the process as stress-free as possible, I have provided SO much padding into the design and approval process. This way, you can concentrate on making your invitations perfect on YOUR time!

What if I’ve changed direction half-way through the process?

Have you decided to ditch your 80’s themed wedding in a palette of neon shades for a traditional blush and gold fete? That’s your prerogative! We can be very flexible when it comes to directional changes! Just keep in mind, fees will apply for the time it takes to create something brand new for you!

Can I reorder invitations if I don’t purchase enough from you?

Yes…. “however, there is a BUT...” Reorders are possible, BUT it’s going to take an additional 2-3 weeks to get those in your hands. At that point, it’s usually too late to send out additional invitations. To avoid missing important deadlines (or making your guests feel like they’re on the D-list), we suggest ordering 10% (or at least 10-15 minimum) supplementary invitations. Having extra invitations helps cover any late additions to your guest list, guests who forget to tell you that they’ve moved, lost/damaged/stolen mail, etc.

Oh no! I’ve made a mistake on an approved invitation. Is it too late to make changes?

Don’t panic! If you catch a mistake that you approved and your invitations are already on their way to production, please let us know immediately! If you alert us soon enough, we may be able to stop our production partners and fix the mistake for you at no additional charge. In the case that you don’t catch the error soon enough, we can still amend it by having our printers re-print at an additional fee.

What if my invitations are lost in the mail, returned, damaged, etc. on their way to my guests?

Ah, our favorite subject: The United States Post Office. As much as we would like to, we have no control over this government-operated entity. While we will do our best to ensure that you are as informed as possible on how to send your invitations through the mail safely, we can not be held responsible for what our beloved USPS does to your invitations. We will be more than happy to reprint damaged envelopes so you can resend those lovely invitations!

Can I order items for the day of the wedding with you?

Of course! The vast majority of our invitation clients choose to work with us for their day-of items (programs, menus, escort cards, etc.). We will usually set up a meeting around the 2-month mark to review these needs and go over the details together.

Once the contract is signed, can I still make changes to our proposal?

Absolutely! What’s a wedding without a few changes? The guest list ebbs and flows, priorities change, budgets get blown… we get it! You are not bound by what is on your proposal until our print date. Once final approval is given, and the final balance has paid, I am unable to make any adjustments to the proposal. Until then? Change away, baby!